¿Cuáles son los mejores zapatos para gatear?

What are the best shoes for crawling?


Babies do not need to wear shoes, they need to go barefoot for proper development.

I remember that it was in 2017 when I discovered a wonderful Facebook group in which two great Romina Perez Toldi and Laura Estremera participated. The group was called something like "Free Movement and Care Pedagogies." I don't even know how I got there, but when I entered everything made sense and I fell in love with free movement.

One of the most valuable things I learned is that babies don't need shoes or socks, what they need are opportunities to explore their potential and a prepared environment.

At first the feet are their main source of sensory information. So when we put socks or shoes on them it's like we're putting a blindfold on someone. That's why they take them off.

Their feet help them learn, the simple act of sucking their feet when they are on their back generates neural connections that will help them do something else. With them they perceive the terrain and their body in relation to the environment. They learn to support each other, to move.

Our feet are a tool that nature has given us to move around. Shoes are also not necessary during the first steps. And if you are going to wear them, it is important that it is the closest thing to going barefoot.

Remember that the functions of shoes are to protect us from the weather and protect us from the environment, not to nail things. So they would only be recommended in uncontrolled environments such as the street.

It is curious that people worry about putting shoes on children as soon as they start to crawl, but nobody cares about putting "gloves with soles" or some invention to protect the hands, why would it be?

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