¿Talla pequeño o talla grande?

Small size or large size?

There are questions that you ask me very often and that I never know how to answer: “size small?”, “size large?”, “my little one always wears a 25 and in this brand he has a 22”.

Why can't I answer them? I really don't know what you're comparing to.

In the chart you can see the size 28 of several brands that we have in store. The dashed line in green would be the mean. Everything above would carve "large" and everything below would carve "small". But it's not that easy.

Why? Because, again, I don't know what you're comparing to. I don't know if you are comparing Beda vs Pegres or Protetika vs Mukishoes. Sometimes you tell me that the little one wears brands that we haven't touched since 2018 because we're still waiting in the virtual queue 😅​ And sometimes it turns out that the little ones wear traditional shoes...

I will always ask you to measure your feet and look at the size guides. The reason is that to complicate it even more within the same brand there may be variations in sizes 🤯​​

We have graphed it from the average lengths of each brand. Although the lasts are exactly the same and measure the same, the materials and the pattern can cause the measurements to vary. For example, a canvas that can have at most a layer of fabric and a lining is not the same as a winter boot that has leather, insulating material and a shearling lining. The more layers, the less space.

And all this, speaking only of the length… Now imagine doing the triple somersault: width, instep and foot shape.

In my case, there are shoes that seem to me to “size small” because I have a Greek foot and my long toe rubs against the end because they have an anatomical shape. Then there are shoes that measure exactly the same, but it seems to me that they "size large" because having a square toe makes my long toe fit better and with a lot of room to spare.

Moral : always, always take measurements and look at the size guide.

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