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Bar3foot turquoise waterproof boots

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These boots are designed with a large toe box. The feet are free, they can move and grow naturally without restrictions.

The rubber sole is ultra flexible, providing a sensation of walking almost barefoot. The sole is flat (zero drop).

The brand has been designing and manufacturing children's footwear for more than 12 years. The workmanship is meticulous and the materials imported from Italy, France and Germany meet strict European standards.

These ultralight shoes are made primarily of hydrophobic polyester and microfiber. They have 2 velcro closures for a perfect fit.

Due to its characteristics, this footwear is breathable (it allows air to flow through it), keeping the feet dry and has the “PING-PONG” effect: once deformed, it returns to its original shape of the shoemaker's last.

The outer toe and heel inserts are made of hydrophobic microfiber, which partially protects the shoe from getting wet.

The sole is made of non-slip thermo rubber. The insole is removable and consists of two layers: polyurethane foam with antibacterial and antifungal treatment (ULTRAFRESHTM) and genuine leather.

These shoes are free from toxic substances and comply with tests by institutions such as PFI in Germany, a professional testing and research institute for the shoe industry.

European manufacture: Poland


Exterior and interior: Hydrophobic polyester and microfiber

Insole: leather

Sole: flexible rubber

These shoes are suitable for wide feet and with a medium or high instep.


3f is one of the leading shoe manufacturers in Poland. The company employs about 230 people and has been producing children's footwear such as slippers, sandals, sneakers, sports shoes and barefoot shoes for 20 years.

3f implements a sustainable development program taking into account activities in three dimensions: economic, ecological and social. This translates into designing activities that are socially responsible, ecologically friendly and economically valuable at the same time.