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  • Fare Bare zapatillas de casa triángulos-Fare Bare-Cacles Barefoot
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Fare Bare

Fare Bare triangle slippers

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Size guide

The Fare Bare barefoot house slippers are extra wide in the toe box, super light and very flexible.

They are suitable for feet in the form of "fin" with dominant thumbs, medium-high instep and narrower heel.

They have two templates. The brand proposes using the two templates in case the little one is at the beginning of size or has a very low instep. We suggest using only one, since for low insteps, there are options that fit better, such as Pegres.

  • without buttress
  • They have a heel reinforcement
  • removable insole

shoe upper - textile

lining - textile

The FBARE "B" range has been produced since 2020 and the difference with the FBARE "A" range is that it is slightly narrower at the thumb and raised at the toe and at the instep. All other parameters remain the same, the slight differences are only in lengths.