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  • Froddo Prewalker Iris con borreguito-Froddo-Cacles Barefoot
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Froddo Prewalker Iris with Shearling

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Small and delicate shoes lined with sheepskin. Flexible sole, without buttress, two velcro straps to adjust.

Babies' feet are extremely delicate, while it is important for healthy development that they go barefoot most of the time, sometimes they need soft shoes that protect their feet and promote natural development. The shoes are chrome-free and made with vegetable dyed leather with materials certified by the European Union to keep the delicate feet of babies healthy and ensure optimal growth.

Leather dyeing is done in the most classical and natural way, and gives the leather magnificent and valuable properties such as its unique appearance, softness to touch and comfort to wear, without chrome or any other harmful chemicals. For the dye, natural vegetable tannins are used, such as the bark of some tree species (oak, fir, chestnut...), plant roots, but also one of the most beautiful gifts of nature: flowers.


1) outer material: vegetable tanned leather without chrome
2) inner lining: fur
3) sole: rubber

European Manufacture: Croatia

The Froddo Prewalkers are recommended for slim feet and low insteps.

About Froddo

Ivančica was established in 1946 as a small business made up of a group of shoemakers. Through cooperation, knowledge updating and hard work, they have become a company with more than 1,000 employees and the leading producer of shoes in Croatia.

Ivančica produces 3,500 pairs of shoes a day. Each shoe is produced in a sustainable way and without harmful substances such as Chromium. They produce shoes that take care of the planet, as well as the health of children.