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  • Tikki - Primeros pasos - Pouf Mandarin-Tikki-Cacles Barefoot
  • Tikki - Primeros pasos - Pouf Mandarin-Tikki-Cacles Barefoot
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Tikki - First steps - Pouf Mandarin

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We present you the POUF shoes, created by Tikki especially for the first steps.

Although it is recommended to spend most of the time barefoot when they take their first steps, if we are going to put shoes on our little ones, they need adapted shoes. These little shoes allow children to feel the surface on which they walk, helping them to easily find their balance and receive more information from the environment.

POUF shoes are made to cover all the needs of a child who is beginning the adventure of the first steps:

1. A contact as real as possible with the surfaces (ultra-thin and non-slip rubber sole - 1mm).

2. The child moves freely and exercises the muscles of the whole foot.

3. Light cushioning of obstacles such as pebbles (2mm foam insole).

4. Chrome-free lining for child safety.

5. They're made of suede leather - because all babies destroy their shoes when learning to walk, and suede is the perfect material that doesn't scratch and can be easily cleaned.

Suitable for normal to wide feet

  • No drop: flat and thin sole (1 mm)
  • flexible
  • wide toe
  • Without reinforcements so that the feet move freely<
  • Super light (about 90g)
  • Exterior: premium suede leather
  • chrome-free lining
  • 2mm foam insole
  • 1mm non-slip rubber sole

1. Use a brush to clean the dust every 2 days

2. Shoes should not be washed in the washing machine. The risk of color transfer increases in contact with water.

3. Shoes should only be cleaned with specific products for the skin.

3. Drying must be carried out slowly and exclusively at room temperature: avoid drying the footwear next to heat sources (radiator, stove, fan, fire, hair dryer or other heat sources, or exposing the footwear to sunlight direct).

4. Do not use bleach, detergents, or solvent-based solutions to clean footwear.

We are not responsible for any damage resulting from not following the above instructions, or any inconvenience resulting from wearing the wrong size or model/fit of shoes.